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Aug 08, 2018 – Overbooked

Overbooked, Yep.

In making all of the calls for my mother’s estate (and I still have my calls to make from the ship for its cascading effect), I didn’t confirm my flight details. Imagine my surprise this morning at 9 AM for my 1:30 PM flight….

Fortunately, Melanie and the staff at Proship are simply the best. Within an hour, my flights were rescheduled.  As I sit in Burlington International Airport, waiting: I leave Burlington at 7:20 PM and arrive at Washington-Dulles at 8:49 PM.  I have an 86 minute window to make my 10:15 flight, arriving at Heathrow-London at 10:30 AM (5:30 am Eastern Time, 7 hours 15 minutes in the air).  I lose 2 hours and 40 minutes of my time at the hotel, a small price to pay.

Yolanda has been my rock. With all of the ups and downs of settling the estate (the ups being completed tasks, I suppose), I’ve been a bit of a train wreck in private (that’s normal, I think). She is cleaning houses, feeding animals, and taking care of business. She amazes me. I am blessed. My boys are in Maine with their mother’s family and have been insulated from the bon voyage bit and most of the train wreck of phone calls to administer the estate.

And I’m headed to England to lick my wounds, get my head together, and make music.

I am blessed.

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