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Apr 03, 2018 – Click Track

Today’s show featured dancing and singing by our troupe of ballroom dancers. I programmed the ship’s Roland synth so that I could handle instrument changes in 3 consecutive patches (instead of bouncing around, punching in numbers like a bingo game from hell). It was an hour well spent.

I had studied the charts and was given an MP3 on a memory stick – but could not get the stick to function with my equipment. So I hit the rehearsal on the fly. After a click track check and playing part of one number for levels, we played it down. The tracks make the show about two-to-one canned-to-live. Rehearsal answered most of my questions.

The first show started with the click track being incredibly soft (perhaps something was bumped at my connection). I did my best, but had to be somewhat psychic. At the second show, I changed my in-ear monitor to pump up the sound, just in case. (I think that I can still hear the clicks.) No hitches. Laid out a little bit, but had to play my fingers off – the show ended with an exposed accordion feature (with accelerandos, constantly speeding up), followed by a finale that kept bouncing between dance styles and connected by extended up-tempo bebop piano.

My roommate and I dined post-show in the passenger late-night buffet (we are permitted to do so), jacket, tie, and ship name tags and pin required. Located on deck 7, I am sure that the daytime views are excellent. Deck 7 is also a passenger observation deck and where the lifeboats are kept. I continue to eat well and healthy, save for last night’s extra calories. Still losing inches at quite a rate.

I came back to the room and fell asleep mid-sentence.

The next day brings about a line for picking up my passport, which will he required the following day to visit Singapore (for many countries, our ship badge is enough). There will be a morning training session for a crew emergency drill. Afternoon brings a rehearsal followed by the usual two evening shows. It will be a variety show package with our guest featured performers of the week – the flautist, male singing quartet, and comedian. Rehearsal will run longer, as will the shows.

I’m learning a lot.


  1. DH

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you getting a full audio mix and click in your ears? Hope I didn’t steer you in the wrong direction!

    1. Kent Baker (Post author)

      Exactly that. The monitor system is 16-channel and allows control over each. There are a variety of listening devices on the musicians. Trusting sound to do a continued great job. The gig runs the gamut.


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