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Apr 02, 2018 – Touring the Ship

Today’s morning was taken up by our White Star Induction, learning about the Cunard Line and touring the ship. For over an hour, we saw her restaurants, bars, performance spaces, dance floor, observation decks, celestial observation, library, spa, pool with retractable roof, gym, art gallery, and more things than I can remember. We truly are a floating 5-star hotel, with opulence and mind-boggling upgrades. Over 250 of our passengers are on the entire world cruise….

The crew areas are small, but more than satisfactory. There is a gym, computer area (with Rosetta Stone software), book and DVD library, pubs, and mess for crew, staff, and officers (2 out of 3 ain’t bad). My accommodations are windowless, but on deck 1, above sea level (I look out the portholes at Mess). The crew observation/sunning deck is in a part of the top deck, deck 13.

The main dining area for our patrons us on deck 3, but extends a deck or two higher, seating over a thousand. My theatre is on deck 2, seats about a thousand, and also spans many decks.

I didn’t have the time to go to Nah Trang today. The Vietnam coastline was rugged from afar. My roommate and bandmates were not impressed with the port and returned before I could leave. Given that, a four-hour nap prior to rehearsal was so good. The tour of the ship was plenty for me.

Tonight’s act was a comedian. He reminded me so much of my friend, Bob Carroll. Rehearsal was short. Play him on with four bars of Hey Jude in a hard 4, repeating it a second time. Play him off with it until cut off. And first play the social director on with her music. That was it.

I’ll make up for it tomorrow with a one hour rehearsal for a dance-heavy, vocal-light, package of charts. I’ve studied them for a couple of hours, worked on them tonight for an hour or so (after technique), finished around 2:30am. They’ll be with a click-track and synth patches – the patches will be my morning. And there’s the monthly cabin inspection, too – so a bit of quick cleaning and tidying. As it’s 4am now, it’s decidedly time to call it a (very short) night. Otherwise, tomorrow is a sea day, as we sail to Singapore.


  1. Annette Hammon

    Wow once in a life time event. God Bless and enjoy.

    1. Kent Baker (Post author)

      Thanks, Annette. I am enjoying the ride. Looking forward to getting off the ship in Singapore. Should be interesting!


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