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Mar 4, 2018 – Change

Change…. What’s next? That’s a great question.

My university is consolidating majors, dropping about 30% of them due to a $1.5M shortfall. It seems like I chose an excellent time to request a leave of absence, following that announcement. I may have moved from working for less to simply, working.

I love my church choir. I am so privileged to work with them. But not everyone in the congregation shares in my passion for my music ministry. While giving a piano lesson after church, a trustee turned the lights out on me. And treated me poorly when I asked to have sufficient light reinstated. Makes me wonder….

I’ve been here before. I recognize the signs. The winds of change are whipping Dorothy plum out of Kansas.

And that’s okay. It’s uncomfortable, but the biggest, most life-altering changes are.

Whatever it may be, I’m as ready as I can be to accept change. My hands have never been in better shape – and daily technique continues their progress. I’m as ready as I can be to start working out with my oldest son – if my hands feel this good, the rest of me needs to as well. (And, face it, there are age and weight biases in performing.)

I’m a firm believer that there is a plan in all of this. In hindsight, it will be obvious. But, yet again, I’m clueless to the outcome. It feels like I’m about to be expelled into something big. I’d like to come back – that’s the plan – but it sure doesn’t feel that way.

Last night, I had a fair amount of trepidation. There’s a lot of ocean between Southampton and New York City. I’ll be away from my wife and kids for almost 20 weeks, for openers. I’ll be travelling to 16 different countries. It’s all new. It’s wonderful. It’s amazing. And a bit daunting.

I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to do nothing but make music each and every day. For the opportunity to practice, grow, and be in shape – musically and otherwise. I’m not about to waste a minute and will prepare for and leverage every possible outcome. “Luck” is where preparation meets opportunity.

We will make one more trip to Montréal this week, looking forward to time with family. While there, I plan to stop by Proship Entertainment to thank them in person. I am incredibly grateful.

And excited. Anticipatory. A little scared to make a big jump.

But ready.

And grateful.

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