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Feb 23, 2018 – Cleared For Duty

Yesterday, my wife and I drove over 600 miles round trip to Philadelphia for my seaman’s physical.

I had been sweating this since Thanksgiving, when I was offered the position in the 8-piece in the ballroom on the Queen Elizabeth. I had been making lifestyle changes since the fall, giving up most refined sugar (especially from soda) and caffeine. After dropping nearly 35 pounds and almost 50 mg/dl in my blood glucose level, I hoped that it was enough. I had heard and read that there were many tests, blood and others.

Not the case. The blood draw measured hemoglobin and arthritis. Got my 2-year certificate. Easy peasy.

At least my closet has been purged of the Omar the Tent Maker designer label.

My goal is to drop another 10 pounds before I leave in mid-April and another 10 during my 6 weeks on the ship, bringing my BMI under 35 – it’s been 8 years since it’s been there. I’ve got a great opportunity, as long as I hit the gym and not the dining room.

Another good Cortot session (1-B). Sight-reading into the 4th soprano Singers Musical Theatre Anthology. And I think I will use Ravel’s Pavane pour une Infante defunte and Bach’s Prelude 3 in C# from WTK I as my prelude and offertory for Sunday’s church service. Both feel really good.

Two months from today will be my first gig, departing from Cape Town, South Africa.

It’s all a journey.

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