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Feb 17, 2018 – Sondheim? Sure….

New England Youth Theatre

New England Youth Theatre, Brattleboro, VT

One of my favorite gigs to play is my Saturday sight-reading sessions at New England Youth Theatre (NEYT) in Brattleboro  VT. I always enjoy working with Susan Haefner and her students. I do my best to ensure that the students have a quality experience. The advanced students select their own music and keep me on my sight-reading toes Рthey are always well-prepared and work this old guy. I love it.

Even with an ocular migraine. My wife gave up her day and sleep (a night nurse) to chauffeur me – I doubt that my eyes would have held up otherwise.

Highlights of today’s musical shopping list included return trips playing Much More (Fantasticks), Watch What Happens (Newsies), and Forget About the Boy (Thoroughly Modern Millie). Read down Pretty Funny (Dogfight), Sing Happy (in a higher key from Flora, the Red Menace), Unexpected Song (Song & Dance), and The Worst Pies in London (Sweeney Todd).

Vermont Country Store

Vermont Country Store, satellite, Rockingham, VT

Sondheim? Sure… Other than keys of six sharps and seven flats, rhythmic surprises, and a migraine, sure. Fasten your musical seat belts and put your tray tables in the upright position.

I should, hopefully, be back to normal – whatever that is – by Thursday’s physical. Considering that I fell out of bed last night (which truly was a rude awakening – sadly, not a first), I have no clue as to what normal is. But I didn’t land on my fingers. That’s a plus. Am still an airhead – missed a rescheduled lesson today (thankful for those who understand migraines).

A quick stop at the Vermont Country Store satellite in Rockingham keeps me in soap and key lime dip/pie filling. And samples. Lots of samples. Always a stop in Weston, too. So much for my diet.

Life is good.


  1. Jeff Wetmore

    If played right… you can have a goid meal from all the samples at the Vt. Country Store! Hope you’re feeling better, my friend.

    1. Kent Baker (Post author)

      Jeff, it’s a time-honored Weston tradition. The Orton have supported actors through Weston Playhouse, and directly with countless samples. I buy all of my soap and key lime pie filling from them.


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