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Feb 16, 2018 – Stress and Health

I didn’t realize the pressure that I’ve been putting on myself six days in advance of my cruise ship physical in Philadelphia.  I’d been having minor vision issues and increasing  light-headedness during the week, which I chalked up to a probable sinus infection.  My doctor rushed me into an ophthalmologist today to be sure.  Upon further review, I’m having ocular migraines (“it’s not a tu-mah”).

I had migraines back in the day at the Crane School of Music, where I practiced in a pitch-black, windowless piano room. I had totally forgotten/repressed those long-ago migraines. However, they’re ba-a-a-ck.  And I need to de-stress in time for Thursday’s physical.  Know thyself, heal thyself, take my over-the-counter medication (that has worked splendidly), drink fluids, and rest. And take a little time for myself.

So, I’m spending time with my wife and my son – and napping.  Call me Mr. Excitement. Not. But it suits me just fine.  We need to listen to our bodies to meet our needs.  While I’m missing my piano technique today, I’m instead learning to blog. And I’m staying away from the vitriol of social media (it pains me to see my friends at odds with each other).  Time to listen to some music and catch some zzzs.  And to be grateful for my wife, children, and health – just one small cataract, controlling my blood sugar level, limiting caffeine, and dropping my blood pressure and thirty pounds.

Let go of stress. Just breathe.


  1. Martha Welch

    Hope you soon feel better and you are able to get them under control. I have ocular migraines as well, as did my mother. She used to call them “zigzags.” Good description?

    1. Kent Baker (Post author)

      I understand that they are different for everyone. Bursts and shimmers here.

  2. Becky Fisher

    Thank you for that great advice. I look forward to following your blog and avoiding all the political debates.

    1. Kent Baker (Post author)

      Thanks, Becky. Politics is receiving a holiday from me for some time to come.


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